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BK Barrit is a manufacturer and wholesaler of restaurant furniture - chairs, tables, bar stools and more, as well as office seating and lounge furniture. We specialize in supplying restaurant and office furniture for designers, restaurant chains, schools, libraries and other commercial / wholesale buyers of restaurant and office furniture. As you will see, we feature over 2000 seats on our website.
"Send us a picture of what you need and we will make it. On budget and on time."

At BK Barrit we work with designers and commercial / wholesale buyers of top quality office and restaurant furniture for various applications including lobby seating, office seating, bar and restaurant seating as well as specialty seating needs. Our chairs & commercial furniture are used by designers and buyers in projects for:
office chairs• Restaurants
• Offices
• Colleges
• Chapels
• Synagogues
• Theatre projects

restaurant tables • Corporate projects
• Stadiums
• Hospitality - Hotels & Motels
• Libraries
• Country clubs
• and more...

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We manufacture wood and metal seating for all types of applications. Tell us what you need. We can do it in wood or metal, our standard or your custom designed seat. Our custom capabilities are extensive. Please contact us for additional information on how BK Barrit can work with you as your preferred provider of affordable, well designed commercial office and restaurant furniture.
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